Sensorimotor Interaction

Sensorimotor Interaction Group

The Sensorimotor Interaction Group (senSInt) is a newly formed research group at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics (MPI-I). senSInt is led by Paul Strohmeier, we conduct research into human perception and computer sensing to improve Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Our research topics include Tactile Rendering, Sensorimotor Augmentation, and On-Body Systems.

The Sensorimotor Interaction Group is co-located with the Human Computer Interaction Lab of Saarland University.

We are currently searching for talented PostDocs and PhD students, as well as HiWis and Thesis Students (please check the respective pages for the full calls).

Note: this is a draft version of our website, more information will be added as the group is established

Feel free to get in touch with questions: strohmeier AT cs DOT uni-saarland DOT de